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I feel like I've been a little out of touch with the world the last couple days as I've completely submerged myself in a new sewing project (more on that to come).  T has often said I have a bit of an obsessive personality and I've always been quick to deny it.  But looking back on this week, I think he might have a point (don't tell him I told you though).  For the past couple days I've often failed to change out of my PJ's before starting to work (usually right out of bed) and on more than one occasion almost forgot to eat.  Those that know me will know it's a very big deal whenever I forget a meal.  Usually I'm planning what to eat for dinner even before I've finished lunch.  At any rate, after burrowing in bobbins and buttons for days, I've come up for some air to share some highlights from the past couple weeks. 

Goodnight Moon
Sunday night, as we were saying goodbye to our friend Liza, we happened to look up and see an impossibly skinny sliver of a crescent moon.  T then rushed back into the house and took this photo that left me a little flabbergasted.  I've seen plenty of crescent moons in my day but have never been able to observe one close enough to actually see the rest of the moon that is shadowed!!  Street lights are a rarity in Nairobi, which makes travel after sundown a bit unnerving but they also make for pretty ideal star and moon gazing conditions!

Christmas in May
Santa was listening!  And by Santa I mean a very thoughtful and generous husband secretly ordered a much pined after Kinetic Creature one morning while his wife was still asleep and had an equally generous friend mule it over from the States on her visit to Kenya.  Sometime last week, we brought Geno the giraffe to life and welcomed him into our home.  "Giddy" is not often a word you will see in the same sentence with me, unless of course "walking cardboard giraffe" is also in that sentence.  

Driving to town several days ago, I was stunned to find that the billboard around the corner from our house now boasted a fiery red advertisement for Shin ramen!!  I'm sure I've expressed my love for all things noodles before but I seriously can not say enough about my adulation for a good bowl of ramen.  To think that the best selling Korean instant ramen has arrived in Kenya was enough to set my heart leaping and my head spinning.  What better way to bring people of the world together than through hot steamy bowls of soupy noodles??

Sunny Still Life
The rains are becoming more infrequent, signalling the coming end of the rainy season.  Sunnier days are good news for our houseplants and hopefully means more hiking and camping trips for us.  Looking forward to seeing more of Kenya as well as the African continent as a whole.  Stay tuned!!


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