Searching for Sugar Man

The Alliance Francaise of Nairobi has been hosting their 22nd European Film Festival since May 10.  This past Sunday, T and I finally got a chance to check out one of the movies they've been showcasing, "Searching for Sugar Man".  The movie chronicles the efforts of two music fans from South Africa as they investigate the fate of Rodriguez, an American musician who became wildly famous in South Africa during the apartheid regime in the 1970's.  Remarkably, Rodriguez had no knowledge of his success in South Africa and ended his musical career after releasing two unknown albums in the US.  Though it's a highly acclaimed Oscar winning documentary, it was totally off my radar until T suggested that we go see it.  I am so glad we did as it's a remarkable story about an even more fascinating man.  It particularly hit home for me as it reminded me of listening to my father's records growing up.  Rodriguez's albums would have fit right in, and I dare say, he and my father strangely seem to be of kindred spirits.


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