Here's the card I finally came up with from my bday card brainstorm along with some added inspiration from paper cut out artist, Mayuko Fujino.  I planned to have the jacket, blondies, and card all ready for T by his birthday on Saturday but the power went out for most of the day on Friday delaying any sort of greeting card production.  Such is life.  Better late than never I suppose... hope it was worth the wait!

I ran into Mayuko's work while doing a google image search for another project I was working on.  In junior high I went through a collage making phase where I covered all my books and binders with elaborately layered magazine clippings, arranged in such a way so as to maximize artistic irony (or so I thought).  Mayuko's work reminded me of that time except her stuff totally kicks the crap out of my tragically mediocre 8th grade clippings.  They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so I thought I'd try my hand at replicating her style.  Mayuko actually cuts her designs out of paper but I did my work completely on photoshop... which required more maneuvering with layers than I bargained for... leading to further delays.  But in the end, I not only succeeded in achieving a massive headache but the look I was hoping for... which is no minor triumph in my book.  You can see more of Mayuko's work on her online portfolio.


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