Test Kitchen - Southern Molasses Cake

Our friend Liza came to Kenya for a whirlwind tour of the country and after multiple safaris and a quick stop along the coast, we were lucky to have her stay with us in Nairobi for the last couple days of her trip.  With company coming, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try a new recipe from Abigail Johnson Dodge's cookbook, 'The Weekend Baker' that I bought last weekend.  

My decision to bake something was somewhat last second and so I didn't have time to go to the grocery store for additional ingredients nor did I have the time to carry out anything elaborate.  After some perusing, I settled on the Southern Molasses Cake because it seemed easy and I already had all the ingredients save for one, the sour cream, which I substituted with vanilla yogurt.  It was the first recipe in a long time that called for vegetable oil instead of butter which in conjunction with the yogurt did magical things to the texture.  Hands down, this cake is probably one of the most ridonkulously moist cakes I have ever made.  That, and it's rich spicy flavor makes it a total knockout.  A great recipe to have in your back pocket in case you need a can of flavorful whoopass to get you out of a pinch.         


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