Craft Lab - Shuka Track Jacket

When asked what he wanted for his birthday, T said he wanted me to make him something he could wear like a shirt or a hoodie.  After perusing a couple online pattern stores, we settled on this track jacket from Burda Style.  It was definitely the most ambitious sewing project that I've taken on to date and while it wasn't always smooth sailing, I'm pleased with the overall results.  As is normally the case whenever I take on any sewing project, I have a much greater appreciation for the workmanship that goes into making quality clothes.  I'm always struck by how much I take for granted... pockets that don't bulge, zippers that are properly aligned... these are all things not to be underestimated, as they literally became the bane of my existence for two weeks.  It was all worth it though to see T's excitement to wear it and I'm already scheming on how to improve the next one I make!  

T's jacket was made from one standard cut of shuka fabric that he picked out from the Maasai Market at the Yaya Center.  I also added an inner lining which wasn't included in the original instructions from Burda Style.  We got the rest of our supplies such as the knit ribbing material from Buttons and Bows which can also be found at the Yaya Center.  


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