A Canoe for Two

It's been a minute since I've checked in.  And not unlike my presence around here, I had been pretty much a shut-in for most of last week, spending many more days in my PJ's than I'd like to admit. In my defense though, I had a pretty rushed deadline to meet (more on this later) and didn't have time to waste on personal hygiene.  That's right folks, this girl's got her priorities straight.  

At any rate, I didn't actually sign on today to reveal any more confessions about my distressing grooming habits (disappointing I know). Rather, I wanted to finally share an overdue post about our first Seattle canoe trip through Mercer Slough Nature Park. With the cooperation of some ridiculously beautiful weather, T and I headed for Enatai Beach Park a couple weekends ago where we rented a two person canoe for what turned out to be a pretty fun foray into boating.  

Canoe for Two 2c

Canoe for Two 2a

Canoe for Two 2b

Canoe for Two 2d

Canoe for Two 2e

Canoe for Two 2f


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