Test Kitchen - Blackberry Clafouti

Last week while we were on our weekly Zucchini grocery run, I happened to spy a lonely carton of blackberries on the shelf of the fruit aisle.  It was the only one left but the berries looked so big and beautiful that we decided to take them home with us.  A couple days later, we came to inherit the cutest baking dish that reminded me of a cherry clafouti recipe I saw on the Food Network several months ago.  With no cherries to be had, I thought I would try to look for a blackberry clafouti recipe instead.  After passing up a couple recipes that called for heavy cream (T is lactose intolerant), I came upon this New York Times recipe that required only milk (which I easily substituted with the lactose-free version).  The recipe called for a "medium-sized" baking dish but ours is small at best so my clafouti ended up being thicker and denser than what I imagine a real French clafouti is supposed to be.  Rather than being cake-like, I was surprised by it's thick and sticky texture... it reminded me a lot of the sweet rice cakes that my mother used to make when I was younger.  Then again, I've never had a clafouti before in my life and the one I made could have been completely wrong.  Still, right or wrong, the gloriously tart blackberries together with sweet toasted bits of cake delivered nothing less than joy to my soul for the rest of the week. 


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