Happy Birthday America!

Last night we had a handful of friends over for an "All-American" Southern-style meal, starring many of our favorite soul food items.  Inspired by the culinary experiments of our friends, Nan and Yujin, T and I had been tossing around the idea of trying to make our own fried chicken for a while.  With the coming of July 4th, we figured it was a particularly appropriate time to pop our fried chicken cherry.  The meal was definitely a team effort.  Under Nan and Yujin's wise direction, we followed this recipe with a few adaptations from Smitten Kitchen.  Using the oil drippings from the chicken, T made a chicken milk gravy based on this recipe while I got a head start on the collard greens using these helpful directions.  Then our friends Sandra and Jeremy brought with them beautiful biscuits and a delectable apple cobbler which we were able to eat fresh out of the oven.  Damn good food and excellent company.  I was feeling pretty lucky to have friends that make it so easy to put together meals you want to have over and over again for more reasons than one... including being able to have kick ass leftovers the next day. 


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