Comic Book Hero

I'm a terrible liar so I have to make a confession straight off.  The title of this post is a little misleading as it's not exactly about a comic book per se ... maybe more like a comic short story?  And it doesn't feature any super heroes, especially not any of the cape flaunting, tights sporting variety.  But if I were ever to star in a comic, Luchie's adorably illustrated "Introversion" has me down to a T... minus the childhood sequence, I wasn't quite that antisocial when I was little.  Trust me, I loved a good birthday party when I was still in the single digits.  Other than that, I seriously could not have made a comic myself that was truer to my very being.  If you are dying to get to know me better... or if you just want to see an amazingly talented artist make impossibly cute art (more likely) check out Luchie's site and read "Introversion."  Seriously, there is nothing to not like.  She's a "cheese enthusiast" for crying out loud.  Nuf said.    


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