Test Kitchen - Homemade Strawberry Jello

It being July, my Pulse feed is full of summery recipes.  Here in Kenya however, we are in the midst of the "cold" season.  Nevertheless, when I saw this Homemade Strawberry Jello recipe, the falling temperatures of Nairobi couldn't keep me from trying it out.  I mean jello is fun any time of the year, no?  

Compared to the boxed stuff you normally buy from the grocery store, homemade jello certainly has a few more steps.  But as far as homemade desserts go, it's pretty straightforward and easy.  My only challenge was that I didn't have quite as many strawberries as the recipe called for so I ended up having to do some awkward proportional calculations.  I think my math was a little off as the jello came out a bit harder than I had expected... it was more like those little jelly things you can get at Asian grocery stores.  Still, there wasn't much to dislike about sweetened gelatinous fruit puree... especially when you didn't call it that.  


  1. I'm imagining Bill Cosby eating this during tea time with the royal family. Your food photography is insane!!! I'm totally following your blog from now on :)





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