Craft Lab - Kitenge Hooded Jacket

This post is long over due as I finished this jacket over a month ago.  But I kept forgetting to ask T to take pictures of it until this past weekend so it is only going up now.  I bought this kitenge fabric from a Maasai Market a while back and was saving it for just the right project until I saw the Hooded Sport Jacket pattern on BurdaStyle.  Not to sound psychotically new age-y but I often feel like fabrics will speak to me about what they are to become.  I'll have a vision of a pleated skirt just from looking at a certain kanga or cropped pants from a batik.  It doesn't always happen immediately but eventually everything seems to become what it was meant to be.  Yes, I know I totally sound like I've been smoking something but its true, this kitenge needed to be a hooded jacket.  If it makes you feel any better, the process of making it wasn't all karmic bliss.  Far from it.  As is usually the case with my sewing projects, it was a tough lesson in patience and painful attention to detail.  More specifically, this jacket taught me about sleeves.  Dear god, I had no idea how difficult it was to sew on sleeves that don't make your shoulders look like they were permanently dislocated.  There was a lot of fudging but in the end, I got it to hold together... as long as you're not looking too closely.  Treat it like a full-on Monet and we're good to go!  


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