Test Kitchen - Cinnamon-Spiced Blueberry Cake

Ever since we got back from our Istanbul / US trip, we've been craving cake so I thought I would try making this Cinnamon-Spiced Blueberry Cake, whose picture I had admired many times in 'The Weekend Baker.'  Fresh blueberries are harder to find regularly in Kenya and if you do, they tend to be quite expensive.  So I tried padding it with dried blueberries that I brought back with me from our trip to Korea.  I don't know if it was because of this but the blueberry sauce ended up being sweeter than expected and it sank straight to the bottom.  No harm done though as the cake still came out delicious with a wonderful texture: moist and soft cake sandwiched between crispy, crusty layers.  Do yourself a favor and bake this cake today.



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