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As a kid I LOVED coloring.  I had buckets of crayons and kept my favorite ones in a separate ziplock bag that I took with me literally everywhere.  I took my coloring seriously.  I was a competitor.  You're looking at the three time coloring contest champ of the greater Columbus area... ok, so that's not an official title but I remember my parents entered me into some coloring contest every year which won me a meeting with Snow White and a spot on the local news.  At any rate, it's been years since I've been in any kind of practice but then I saw this post on Cool Hunting about Yves Saint Laurent's Pret-a-Porter: Coloring, Activity, and Inspiration Book.  Finally a coloring book I wouldn't be ashamed to be carrying around as an adult!!  

Judging from the pictures from Cool Hunting (reposted here) it's everything I've ever wanted my creative journal to look like.  Fabric samples... chic fashion sketches... I seriously think my heart is melting.  The book doesn't drop until May 7th but Amazon is selling it on pre-order for $12.63, making it the only thing by YSL that I can afford.  No worries though, I'd take a glorified coloring book over a dress any day... then again, if we're talking about shoes it just might be a toss up.


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