I spent a lot of my childhood being driven across country in a Toyota van.  I guess it all started when my father learned to drive stick in a VW bus through the Grand Canyon.  Since then, every other holiday we drove to Buffalo, NY to see the Baeks (our honorary extended family)... every summer we took a cross country camping trip to a different national park in the US... and for my college graduation, we celebrated with a spontaneous trip to Yosemite.  I even got engaged after a day's drive to Gettysburgh.  Whether it be Niagra Falls or Death Valley, the Grand Tetons or the Smoky Mountains, we made it a habit to pack up the family van and set off on our way.  

When I came across this video made by Eviosa Studios on PetaPixel, it took me back to those days of growing up on the road.  It's not that we can't take roadtrips here in Kenya.  Driving to safari or along the coast is just as magical in it's own way, but there is always a part of me that feels most at home driving through the canyons or the mountains of the States.  


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