House of my mother's dreams

Despite Korea's staggering economic development and technological advancement, I'm often surprised and amused by how superstitious Koreans still are.  My mother, who by all accounts is among the most practical women I know, still heeds her dreams as if they were mystic messages.  I would dismiss such thoughts as utterly absurd if it wasn't for their perpetually uncanny timing.  I can't tell you how many times my mother has called me at college after a bad dream only to find that I was in fact going through some kind of calamity.  And while I won't go into detail about this now, it's almost a bit chilling how a dream about her father seems to have saved her from death while giving birth to me.  So when we arrived at the picturesque Jeju B&B Guesthouse and my mother said with some bewilderment that this was the house she often went to in her dreams, it made our lodgings seem all the more auspiciously fortuitous.  But even with all supernatural premonitions aside, we found that the Jeju B&B Guesthouse could be the stuff of anyone's dreams.  

We first found out about the guesthouse while perusing AirBnB and I was so taken in by the beautiful pictures and my own romantic notions of staying at a country orchard, that we booked both rooms for our first night in Jeju.  It also didn't hurt that the price for each room was far more affordable than any other b&b I've ever stayed at in the States.

We were very sad to leave the guesthouse ... it was like waking up from a pretty sweet dream.  If you are ever in Jeju and are looking for something off the beaten path of touristy hotels and theme parks, I highly recommend staying with Young suk at the Jeju B&B Guesthouse.  Look her up on Airbnb and reserve your room today!


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