On Tuesday I started a new year in my life... one in which I'm one year older and presumably wiser (yeah... right.)  To celebrate, T bought me a standing mixer (I've wanted one for years) and made me the best dinner I could ask for.  I'm a huge fan of foods that come in edible containers (i.e. clam chowder in bread bowls, taco salads in tostada shells, etc.) and among these, like any good Californian girl, burritos have a very special place in my heart.  Unfortunately, good burritos are rather like endangered species around here: they are almost impossible to come by (as far as I know).  Knowing that I've been jonesing for a proper burrito, T took it upon himself to make some essentially from scratch... and man, were they amazing!!!  What a lucky birthday girl am I?!

For dessert, I wanted to use my new mixer to try a new cake recipe I had found.  But true to Kenyan form, we ran out of gas in our canister.  It turned out to be fine though.  As I was so full of burrito goodness, all I could manage were a few lingue di gattos with tea over a game of Chinese checkers.  That's right, I said Chinese checkers and I know if it weren't for the title of this blog you'd guess I was turning either 8 or 80.  But truth is, that's not too far from how I feel most days.   It's like I never quite graduated from adolescence.  So here's to another year of being an awkward, angst-ridden, thirty-something!  Cheers!


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