The Karura Forest

On Saturday morning, we decided to take a break from our usual errands and headed to the Karura Forest for a walk/hike.  Located on the northern side of Nairobi, we found Karura to be a peaceful and lush patch of forest with plenty of well laid trails.  Among its main attractions are a cascading waterfall and a string of Mau Mau caves.  The Mau Mau were Kenyan revolutionaries that fought against British colonialists in the 1950's to 60's.  Disappointingly, as there was no information provided about the caves, we were left to the devices of our own imaginations to figure out how they were related to the Mau Mau.  While we didn't see much in the way of wildlife, we were amazed by how many different kinds of butterflies we encountered throughout the forest, each brilliantly colored and patterned.  After several lazy days in Watamu, I have to say our morning trek kind of kicked my butt.  I felt pretty exhausted all the way through Sunday.  Yet another reminder that it's time to get back in shape!


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