12 Days of Christmas Cards

One of my favorite things about Christmas are the holiday cards.  Back before I became an overworked career woman, I enjoyed hand making all my Christmas cards to my family members.  Now that I have more time this year, I was looking forward to getting back into handcrafting some holiday cards.  Unfortunately the prohibitively expensive shipping costs are preventing me from taking anything to paper.  So instead, I'm looking into creating a custom ecard to send to friends and family abroad.  I looked around at some of my favorite stationers for ideas and here are 12 cards I found most inspiring:

1.) Winter Woodland Festival card by Jahnavashti at Etsy
2.) "Frosty Noses, Warm Hearts" card from the Nimbus Factory
3.) "Where the Treetops Glisten" card from the Nimbus Factory

4.) DIY Dreidel card from Papersource
5.) Pine Ornament card from Rifle Paper Co.
6.) Heart-fold Christmas Wishes card from minted

7.) Year in Review Card from minted
8.) Off the Charts Holiday Card from minted
9.) Season's Greetings Checklist card from minted 

10.) Seasons Greetings Postcards from Rifle Paper Co.
11.) Animals in Car Flat Wood card from Papyrus
12.) Cut Paper Custom Card from Starfly Creations on Etsy


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