The chair I crave...

It's been a while since I dropped something by here.  I've been up to my eyeballs in computer code trying to build a website for an educational start up.  I'm definitely rustier than I hoped.

The weekend brought more disappointing news on the housing front as we learned that it will take yet another week before its ready.  Though, that didn't stop us from going forward with moving in our furniture that we ordered 2 weeks ago.  On Sunday morning, I found myself crammed against the passenger side door of an old pick up held shut by what looked suspiciously like an unfolded paper clip.  Behind us in the truck bed, our carpenter tucked himself between two mattresses and a sofa, stacked on top of two bed frames and 4 dining chairs while also holding a 'jiko' in his lap.  For those unfamiliar with what a jiko is, it is a very heavy, terra cotta stove that can be used for cooking and heat.  I wish I had pictures of our precariously balanced truck but I was too frantic to stop and document anything.  I am happy to report however, that despite the picture I've painted, all furniture and bodies made it to the new house in one piece.

Backtracking to Saturday, we spent much of our time wandering around The Junction.  There, we stumbled across a few upscale furniture stores that boasted, among other things, a collection of beautiful arm chairs.  Having had a love affair with chairs since the 8th grade, my mind has since been swimming with what would make my perfect reading chair.  I'm hoping that we can scrounge enough to have two chairs built for a little reading nook in the new master bedroom.  There's nothing like furniture shopping to make me wish I was a rich girl.


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