Pressing on

On Saturday morning, despite the delayed progress of our new house, we continued to move forward on the furniture front.  While we couldn't actually pick up most of our pieces, as we had no house to put them in, we did stop by to touch bases with our carpenters and their progress.  On the whole, we were happy with what we saw and I hope to start ordering more furniture, especially for my future work space.  T's mother just made plans to come visit us for Thanksgiving so I guess we have a good excuse for moving quickly on furnishing the house.

In the afternoon, we ventured out to downtown Biashara Street in hopes of scoring some affordable curtain material.  Disappointingly, we found prices there to be far more expensive than the far better curated TACC store.  We did find however, a nice selection of kikoy fabric.  Made of brightly colored woven cotton, kikoys were traditionally used as sarongs by East African men.  Today they are worn by just about everyone and are made into everything from scarves to shirts to bags and in our case, sofa cushions.  


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