Girl Crush

We've been watching an inordinate amount of Food Network lately as it is one of the only "good" channels we've been getting on TV.  And so, it is in this way I became introduced to my latest girl crush, Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. There she was, drizzling chocolate ganache onto a chocolate espresso cheesecake as I locked eyes on her from across the room.  I don't particularly like chocolate or espresso so you can imagine what an amazing job she was doing.  Like most cooks, she has a way of making everything look fantastically delicious and ridiculously easy to make.  But what I most appreciate about Ina is how she not only shows you how to cook food but how to host guests at the same time.  That way, you can avoid being holed up in the kitchen while your guests stand awkwardly around.

While I've been making every effort to watch her show religiously, I hadn't yet actually gotten around to trying any of her recipes.  Then I watched her make a beautiful lemon yogurt cake this weekend and decided that the time had come.  I can't say I was anywhere near as elegant and calm as Ina is in the kitchen... there was definitely some makeshift measuring (they don't seem to sell measuring spoons here in Kenya), a minor collision with a kitchen drawer, and some last second temperature translations (thanks to my husband)... I mean who has time to remember they use Celsius here when there's a yummy cake to be made and more importantly eaten??  But in the end, with all things considered and with some fresh Jacaranda garnish (from the tree outside our kitchen), I'd like to think I made Ina proud.


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