The rainy season

While it's certainly no Superstorm Sandy, the "short" rainy season has been wreaking its own havoc on Nairobi.  Roads are flooded everywhere, making the already eventful experience of driving even more 'exciting.'  We've even heard of an entire security wall of a compound crumbling under the torrential rains.  While we are thankful our walls are still intact, we didn't survive last week's storms completely unscathed.  The rains certainly tested our roof and we discovered a rather serious leak, adding yet another item to our list of house things that need to be remedied.  

Adding to last week's drama, our internet installers, with whom we've been having serious problems with for the past three weeks, completely destroyed a fuse box while trying to pull a fiber optic cable to our house.  They then failed to come forward, take responsibility for the problem, and report the issue to Kenya Power (KPLC).  As a result, we were without power for 30 hours before KPLC could figure out what had happened.  Needless to say, we are still without any internet.  I thought Comcast was bad... compared to our JTL Faiba guys in Kenya, they're a top class operation!  

Meanwhile, work on the house continues to move forward slowly but steadily.  Clotheslines are up, tiles have been patched up, and I'm lovin' me some ScotchBrite scouring pads.  They don't seem to believe in painters tape here and there are annoying spatters of everything on our walls.  Whether it be paint, plaster, varnish, or even cement, it seems there is nothing that they can't scour off.  It's just what my OCD self needs.  Ahhh....


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