Magic walls and muffins

It's just about 4:30 am in Nairobi and we are awake.  Crankily, I try to rub the sleep from my eyes and peel myself out of bed.  The sun is not yet up so, with orange raisin muffins in tow, we make our way through the darkness  to the only room that seems to be lit in Lavington.  We join a roomful of Kenyans who have been up all night hoping to witness an Obama victory.  For nearly 4 more hours we wait with bated breath, eyes glued to the animated numbers of CNN's "Magic Wall."   And then, just as he did four years ago he took the stage to claim the next four.  Somehow it was harder this time than the last, and I'm sure the years to come will have it's disappointments and mistakes.  But for today, I am relieved, encouraged, and most of all, hopeful.


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