The Baaah-nana Box

A couple weekends ago, T and I were at The Junction and on a whim we decided to wander into The Banana Box.  As we entered, we braced ourselves, expecting to find overpriced kitchy African souvenirs.  What we found certainly wasn't cheap... was African (100% Kenyan to be exact)... but was far more tasteful and beautifully curated than we had expected.  As it turns out, Banana Box is an independent trading company that works exclusively with Kenyan artists, craftsmen, and women to provide beautiful and socially conscious products.  Almost as soon as we walked in, we each picked up one of these Kenana Knitter Critter sheep which are home spun and knitted by rural Kenyan women.  Each bears the actual signature of its creator on its tag, making it feel all the more special.  They seemed like such a perfect xmas gift for our favorite organic farmers that we just couldn't put them down!


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