Test Kitchen - Cranberry Bread

My parents moved into a brand new apartment about a year ago and true to Korean form, it's outfitted with all the latest high-tech accoutrements.  For example, forget ever having to carry keys around any more, everything is unlocked by entering your secret code into some kind of digital key pad.  Oh, and don't mind the front door as it talks to you to let you know that it's automatically locked itself behind you.  Granted it's not quite on the level of Tron, but it's still like living in the future... that is, except for one glaring short coming - the oven.  I can say with a fearless amount of confidence that this is without a doubt, the most inefficient, poorly designed electric oven known to man.  The first couple times my mother used it, it drove up the power bill so high that she nearly had a hernia.  So it goes without saying that unless it was a public emergency, the oven was pretty much off limits while we were in Korea.

As such, coming back to Kenya also meant coming back to baking.  And when I ran into a bag of fresh cranberries on our first day back, I felt like fate was practically willing me to bake a loaf of cranberry bread.  That notion quickly evaporated however, when I realized that I forgot to get oranges and then vanilla on two separate occasions.  It took two more trips to the store in the rain before the fabled cranberry bread finally materialized but it was definitely worth the wait.  The first time I had ever heard of cranberry bread was when I read Cranberry Thanksgiving in grade school.  I remember showing my mother the recipe in the book and asking her to make it.  I don't think either one of us knew quite what to expect (it was a first for her too) but when the results came in, we couldn't have been any more enchanted by the magical combination of cranberries and citrus.  While I had a much better idea of what to expect this time around, I have to say the novelty of cranberry bread still hasn't lost it's appeal even after all these years.  What can I say, it's stiiiill got it!   


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