The Bake Makers

What's better than fresh baked bread?  Having it delivered to your door of course!!  And now the lucky residents of Nairobi can have just that, thanks to the opening of The Bake Makers in Lavington.  Last Friday night, T happened to spy an ad for The Bake Makers on Facebook and in minutes we were on their website, drooling over pictures of their breads and pastries for the better part of the evening.  Talk about a night of wild excitement, I can't remember the last time I was so pumped!! (Can you tell that we're old fogies that love our carbs??)  

Thinking it was a bakery/cafe, we quickly resolved to check it out the next morning for breakfast only to find that it is in fact a real industrial bakery sans the baristas and chic patio seating.  Unfortunately the cafe wasn't the only thing missing as we discovered that no baked goods were ready for sale at the moment.  We weren't to be deterred however and were lucky to meet the owner who generously fed us delicious samples and explained each of their menu items.  In the end, we ordered two loaves of bread and a half a dozen pastries to serve at a dinner party we were hosting on Sunday.  It was then that we learned that we could have the items delivered directly to our door the next morning for an additional 300 shillings (less than $4).  

The next morning, shortly after dragging ourselves out of bed, there was a ring at our door.  Our goods had arrived and not only were they on our doorstep, they were still steaming with warmth from the oven!!  And this brings me to why living in Kenya is so funny and interesting to me sometimes.  Certainly its a developing country where basic utilities are often dubious and yet some of the most luxurious services can be so feasible.  It hasn't escaped me that much of this is because labor is still heartbreakingly cheap here, but there is also another element.  Nairobi is certainly a large and bustling city, but often times it feels very much like a large village.  It's not unusual to speak directly with the carpenter, the farmer, or in this case, the baker who will be the one to personally make and deliver your order.  In this way, business is more personal and more personalized.  I've only been here for just shy of a year and I know more craftsmens, artisans, and business owners than I ever have in my entire life.  For someone who's never stayed in one place long enough to really settle, I have to say this kind of small town connectedness is a welcome experience.    

At any rate, if you're in the neighborhood, you seriously owe it to yourself to stop by The Bake Makers or give them a call and order some excellent Swedish baked goods.   And while you're at it, I highly recommend getting something delivered straight out of the oven at least once.  It will change your life.  I promise.  

The Bake Makers
M - F, 8am - 5pm
S - Su, 8am - 2pm

910 James Gichuru Rd. Lavington 
Going north on James Gichuru from Junction, cross Gitanga Rd and look for a grey gate with an "Absolute Logistics" sign on your left.  Baked goodness is just on the other side of that gate.    

phone: 0727.164.644


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