Harriet Stanes

Snail mail is definitely one of those things I so grossly took for granted while living in the States.  In the age of email, texting, and social media, I definitely thought the days of the postal service were numbered... and wasn't entirely sure if I would miss it.  But as it turns out, one of the biggest things I miss about the States is the ability to send and receive packages and cards to and from friends.  I learned the hard way last Christmas that the Kenyan Posta isn't the most reliable when it comes to delivering packages.  But recently, a friend advised me that items sent from Kenya to abroad tend to have a higher success rate of making it to their destination.  A little experiment I conducted a couple weeks ago proved to be successful and I'm now more confident and excited to start mailing things to folks back at home... especially since I recently discovered these adorable cards by Harriet Stanes.    

I was first introduced to Harriet's work while wandering through Banana Box one weekend and quickly came to admire her work.  Not only were her illustrations beautiful, but they seemed to capture aspects of Kenyan life and culture so quaintly that they immediately struck a nerve with me.  Later, when I stalked her on Google, I learned that she's been a long time Nairobi resident despite being English born, raised, and trained.  Much to my delight, I found that her cards are sold in select stores and workshops all across Kenya and she even has an Etsy shop through which I can have cards delivered to my door via boda.  If you're interested in checking out any more of her work, be sure to stop by her blog.  It doesn't appear to have been kept up recently but the archive still provides a wealth of projects and pieces she's worked on in the past.  


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