Test Kitchen: Salted Caramel Brownies

A few days ago, I saw this recipe for salted caramel brownies on my Pulse news feed and was immediately intrigued.  But when we were invited to a ramen dinner party yesterday and was asked to bring dessert, I got the kick in the pants I needed to take the plunge and try the recipe out.  The brownies ended up being a hit but you nearly needed a jackhammer to free them from the pan.  Despite generously buttering the parchment paper, it practically fused to itself to the bottom of the brownies.  I think it's time to try another brand of paper as this is the third time it's failed to do its job.  

My favorite part was actually melting the sugar for the caramel.  I've watched sugar being melted before but it seems like such a counter intuitive process that I held my breath the entire time, half expecting to have heaps of burnt sugar instead of velvety copper globs of caramel-ly goodness.  Who knew that baking brownies would turn into an exercise in taking leaps of faith?





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