Shopping for Mom

Ever since I left for college, I've lived pretty much half way around the world from Mom.  While we talk, text, and email pretty regularly, I know what she cherishes most of all is a handwritten card or letter.  Why not get a box of pretty cards to get the ball rolling and help us stay in touch the old skool way? 

Mom is always getting on my sister and I about wearing gloves while washing dishes and moisturizing regularly to make sure we don't end up with rough hands.  But I feel like she rarely ever does these things herself.  Maybe it's time we looked after her and made sure she takes her own advice. 
The last time we were in Korea, Mom's faithful watch of several years finally died.  With such a busy schedule, I know keeping track of time is a must for her.  I'm sure she'd appreciate a replacement, especially one that's as sleek as this.  

It's been awhile since either my sister or I bought Mom a new wallet... and I'm willing to bet money that she hasn't bought herself a replacement.  When it comes to wallets, she's always veered towards the ever practical colors of black or brown that "go with everything."  I think this Mother's Day might be the perfect time to give her a more colorful update. 

Mom has an awesome collection of unique and beautiful brooches so when I saw the brooches made by PinkiWorld on Etsy, I immediately thought of her.  Each is handmade with felt, beads, Swarovski crystals, and zippers (my favorite part) and shaped into a unique, one-of-a-kind design.  I could totally see Mom rocking one of these while attending a work meeting or social event.  


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