Element of Surprise

I love pop up cards.  Maybe it's the engineer in me, but I love figuring out how they're built and I love the way they literally add another dimension to an otherwise 2 dimensional affair.  But most of all (and I may be stating the obvious here), I love how they all rely on the element of surprise.  No matter how simple or complicated, I have yet to meet a pop up card that hasn't surprised me in some way.  So when I set out to design some Mother's Day cards for the shop earlier this month, I knew I wanted to make cards that not only delivered a message but a pleasantly surprising experience as well.  As Mother's Day was just a month away and we were (and still are) living among many yet-to-be-unpacked boxes, this proved to be a pretty formidable task.  But after a handful of late nights and thanks to the help of a very patient husband and Amazon Prime, I present to you two new Mother's Day pop up cards!  

  Surprise 1 Surprise 2

The first design (above), is a play on the ubiquitous Mother's Day bouquet of flowers. People have often complained about the price of flowers this time of year, especially since they rarely last more than 2 weeks. So here's a bouquet that's bound to never wilt. It packs flat like a normal card but then push the "hinged" card stock pieces into place and you instantly have a 3D bouquet of beautiful blooms! 

My second design (below) is a nod to my childhood days when I used to print out giant banners on our dot matrix printer to surprise my parents on their birthdays. This time I fit the banner inside a 8.5" x 3.5" card and suspended it between two sunflowers that stand up on their own as the card is opened.  It may not be as big as a full sized banner, but I'd argue that it's no less surprising! 

  Surprise 3 Surprise 4

So if you haven't already figured out what you're getting Mom for Mother's Day, it's not too late to place an order with us. Your purchase will be sent out within one business day and shipping is free! So comm'on over! We'd love to see you there!


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