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When I first started up the shop, I was living in Kenya and preparing to move back to the States. That said, I wasn't going to have the space to maintain any kind of inventory or have reliable access to a functioning postal service for awhile (which made the idea of opening up an online shop that much more ludicrous). Luckily, Etsy had recently started allowing store owners to sell digital goods that customers could download directly. Despite having some serious doubts, I decided to upload a set of printable DIY Valentine's Day cards to see what would happen. Much to my surprise, I had a handful of buyers within the first couple weeks and the digital cards continue to be my best selling items. With that in mind, I thought I'd add to the selection of printable DIY cards at the shop and came up with these origami shirt cards for Father's Day.


There are three different designs to choose from which I am affectionately calling office hero, western hero, and Olympic hero (because all dads can be heroes no matter where they work). Each card can be instantly downloaded as a "kit" which includes a shirt template and fully illustrated folding instructions. Come on over for a closer look!


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