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While I can not stress how much I hate moving, I have to admit that I'm pretty excited about being in Seattle and finding a new apt. Maybe it's because our current apt is drastically disappearing, (we've been frantically selling as much of our stuff) but I've been finding myself fantasizing about my new home and especially my new workspace more and more. For the past couple weeks, I've been stalking 2 bedroom apartments on craigslist and as T will probably work from home on most days too, we'll probably end up designating one of the bedrooms as our "office." Here are a handful of inspirational pins I found while daydreaming on pinterest today.
Workspace Envy 1

One of things I've always wanted to try taking the time to do is resurrect old furniture.  That said, I'd really love to incorporate more vintage pieces in our new home, maybe even starting with the office?   Workspace Envy 2

When working on a project (or 2 or 3..) I'm pretty notorious for taking over all of the horizontal surfaces of the house.  Maybe if I invested in getting a large, centralized work surface, I'd be less inclined to spill over into the rest of our home.    
Workspace Envy 3  

While perusing through pinterest, I noticed that the workspaces I was most drawn to had less to do with the configuration of the space or the furniture that had been incorporated and instead had more to do with the artwork hanging on the walls.  I guess that's why they call them "inspiration boards."  I've been a fan of Joy Cho's blog for awhile now but her recent post seemed to coincide perfectly with what's been on my mind lately. 
Workspace Envy 4  

The flip side to having a large, centralized workspace is having a workspace that wraps all the way around with you in the center.  I remember taking a similar approach one year when setting up my classroom and loved that I was no more than a couple feet away from every student in the class. I'm betting that this strategy could translate well into my home office too.  
Workspace Envy 5
For more inspiration, check out my inspirational workspace board on pinterest!
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