Tunes to Run To

We're coming up on almost three weeks into the new year and my resolution to stay active has been going pretty well.  Between lifting weights, regular runs, and playing squash, T and I have been feeling pretty fit.  That's not to say however that I haven't had moments of negative motivation.  While I do consider myself to be pretty athletic, I am not a natural runner.  The idea of going for a jog is generally about as appealing as cleaning the bathroom.  I know it’s good for you but I’d really rather be watching videos on YouTube.  People talk about getting a runner’s high... but honestly, I find them to be about as elusive as Bigfoot.  That said, I've found that music really helps to get me going.  And seeing as I've been running to the same playlist for the past 4 months, I thought it was time to bring in a new rotation. 


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