A Weekend at the Aberdares

Aberdares cover
Last weekend we drove up to Aberdare National Park with a great group of friends for a long over due camping trip.  For T and I, it was our first time to the park and while I really wasn't sure what to expect, it turned out to be far more beautiful than anything I could have imagined.  

Aberdares double

While the park is not without its fair share of exciting wildlife (leopards and black rhinos are among its roster), surprisingly it was its unique landscape and peculiar vegetation that I found to be most intoxicating of all.  Despite us being in the middle of Kenya's driest season, Aberdares was lush with impossibly variegated myriads of green.  It was like being in a ginormous terrarium.  Not quite jungle... and not quite scrub, it seemed like the strangest hybrid of ecosystems I have ever had the pleasure of discovering. 

Aberdares pool

Aside from a kaleidoscopic collection of greens, there were plenty of other colors of the rainbow adorning what seemed like every nook and cranny of the forest.  I was just as surprised to find some very familiar blooms (clovers and dandelions) as I was to find others that couldn't have been more unfamiliar.

Aberdares flora

But for me the crowning jewel of the Aberdares was it's amazing collection of picturesque waterfalls.  From our experience, it's not unusual for many parks in Kenya to have at least one waterfall but Aberdare National Park has several and as far as I could tell, each are deserving of it's own full spread photoshoot. 

Aberdares Karuru Falls

Aberdares Falls 1

Aberdares Falls 2

Beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and good company... all in all, I'd say this camping trip was a roaring success.  I'm sad that we didn't take more of these kinds of trips sooner but am thankful that we were able to sneak this one in before leaving Kenya.  It will certainly remain as one of our fonder memories from our time here.


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