Seoul Sightings

I used to hate taking pictures... first, because I never liked how I looked in them and second, because I was lazy.  I always preferred to live in the moment rather than interrupt it by fiddling for a camera and counting up to a contrived shot.  My mother on the other hand, often coaxed and corralled us into a photo saying that we are only left with our pictures in the end.  Perhaps it's another sign that I'm getting old (or as I would like to think, maturing) but lately I've found myself agreeing more with my mother ... and feeling thankful that she (or my husband) had the diligence to take the pictures that we have.  It's not that I don't have my memories, but pictures seem to have a way of bringing you closer to the moment that once was.   
I've been going through our photos from Seoul that I took with my phone and have also been playing around with the processing tools on google+.   In doing so, I came across a number of photos that wouldn't fit into a full blog post but still conjured up some vivid memories of some pretty fond moments.  It felt like a shame to leave them tucked away in a file on my harddrive so I've compiled them here.  As you will find, I'm still reluctant to be in photos myself... but as I would tell my mother, I'm taking baby steps, which is still a move forward as slow as it may be. 

1.)  A cup of tea while overlooking Seoul from the Grand Hyatt Hotel
2.)  Atrium of the Leeum Museum 
3.)  The outer visage of a restaurant in Bukchon
4.)  Installation of umbrellas hanging above a courtyard downtown
5.)  Restaurant hopping around Jong-ro
6.)  Exploring Deoksugung palace on the way to the National Museum of Art  


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