Baked Goodness

I've come to the realization that eating fresh fruit requires a level of diligence that I woefully seem to lack.  Having grown up on an abundance of fresh fruit (as my mother was not nearly as lazy as I am), I often find myself buying bags of fruit at the grocery store while fondly remembering the crackling crispiness, sweet juiciness, and citric "tangy-ness" of the fruits of my childhood.  And yet, once home, I can't seem to bring myself to wash, cut, and peel anything that I've bought in a timely manner.  Such was the fate of three little pears I bought at the market two weeks ago.  For two weeks they sat on my counter growing softer with ripeness every day until they weren't good for anything except of course... for PEAR TART!!  After trolling the internet for hours I finally came across this highly touted recipe on Chowhound ...and I have to say, I am now a believer in the hype.  Nevermind that in order to make this recipe I had to walk 10 minutes to the closest market to buy vanilla and baking powder only then to spend 20 more minutes measuring, mixing, wiping, washing, cutting, and stirring when I could've gotten away with just washing the damn pears before enjoying them two weeks ago.  Nevermind all that indeed.  For now, I'm going to stand by what they say about what happens to those of us who wait... a whole lot of baked goodness!!


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