Window Shopping

When asked what I wanted for my 14th birthday, I decided on an armchair for my room.  As my contemporaries were asking for belly button piercings and electric purple Doc Martin's, I think my parents were pretty relieved while my friends were mildly confused by my request.  For the life of me, I can't remember what brought me to decide on a chair but to this day I credit that moment as the beginning of my love affair with furniture design and interior decorating. 

Every time we've moved to a new home since then, I always get practically giddy with excitement over the prospect of redecorating a new place (or as I like to think of it, a new blank canvas).  Of course, we've never been such high rollers that a new place constituted buying a whole new set of furniture, but it does usually open the door for one or two new additions to join our existing "collection."  Our upcoming move on Apr 1 is certainly no exception and I've already been transfixed with the idea of getting a couple new armchairs to replace the two that we had to leave in Kenya.  Here are a couple that have recently caught my eye during my obsessive internet window shopping sprees...
Chairs Get the deets...
Cushioned Woodwork Chair from Anthropologie  /  Pennie Chair from Crate and Barrel  /  Strandmon Wing Chair from Ikea  / Gobelin Chair from 'name design studio' via Etsy  /  Elton Chair from West Elm


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